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Vatikan (Pontificio), İtalya'nın Roma şehrinde bulunan, Hıristiyanlık dininin Katolik mezhebinin yönetim merkezi olan devlet. Yerleşik nüfus 930 civarındadır. Fakat Vatikan turistik bir yer olduğundan bu nüfus turistlerle 1.500'ü aşmaktadır. Çevresi yüksek duvarlarla kaplıdır ve kameralarla izlenmektedir. Dünyanın nüfus ve yüzölçüm olarak en küçük ülkesidir. Mutlak monarşiye dayalı bir yönetim uygulanır. Devlet başkanı olarak Papa'nın sözleri yasa hükmündedir. Papa, hem devlet başkanı, hem de Katolik mezhebinin ruhani lideridir. Katolik kilisesinin genel başkanı, Vatikan devleti'nin de başkanı olur. Papa yasama, yürütme ve yargının da başkanıdır. Vatikan'ın 100 kişilik küçük bir ordusu vardır.

İtalya'nın tarihiyle hemen hemen aynı tarihe sahip olan dünya Katolik dininin merkezi kabul edilen 0.44km karelik alana sahip. Pontificio ruhban sınıfı tarafından yönetilir. Devlet başkanı Papa'dır.

1929'da İtalya Devleti'yle Kilise arasında Patti Lateranensi antlaşması imzalandı. Bu antlaşmayla ülkenin resmi dininin Katolik dini olduğu ve Roma'nın kutsal bir şehir olduğu ilan edildi.


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Görüşler (5)

Howard Turner

I'm not religious so wasn't sure if this was a tour I would enjoy. Pleased to say I was completely blown away with every aspect of the tour. We did a full tour, about 5 hours. The art work the magnificent sculptures and the architecture is absolutely stunning. Visited St Peters Basilica and The Sistine Chapel we were amazed with both. I would recommend you take advantage of one the tour guide it's worth the cost to learn about the history of the Vatican through the centuries. 100% recommend a visit.

2 yıl önce

Niels Münck

I thought the place was brilliant. Although it is true that it is pretty crowded, the stuff you get to see there is simply breast taking. If you have don't do well in a crowd, this place is not for you! It's really amazing to see all the beautiful works of art there. be sure to buy the electronic ticket that allows you to skip the line. the queue is enormous.

2 yıl önce

Olena Shtepa

Well organized - it’s a well oiled machine - took a self guided tour. Staff was willing to help, most spoke English. Spent 7 hrs visiting the museums, never felt pressured to leave or move on. Lunch was pretty good with a few fair options, NO crazy overpriced junk food. Recommend the audio tour if going alone or in a small group. Amazing collections of art!

2 yıl önce

Aprilila Liu

As a Chinese, I only heard about Michelangelo, Raffaello in history books! Its mind blowing to see the splendid paintings and sculptures from them. Not only about their work, but also the whole renaissance, how art was seen down before that. Marbles from the world, mosaics and lifestyle paintings, present luxury life from emperor in front of your eyes. Must go place. Together with Basilica St Peter, 4 hours trip.

2 yıl önce

Louis Ansa

Sublime. We had such a blast there. The Art is amazing and you still wonder how can man can create such beautiful things... you MUST go and visit the museums at the Vatican. It’s impossible to do everything in a single day so select what you want to do or just go several days to witness the majestic of it.

2 yıl önce

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