Kahvaltılar - Breakfast

Tek Kişilik Kahvaltı 15 tl
Turkish Breakfast

Sahanda Yumurta 6 tl
Fried Egg

Sucuklu Yumurta 10 tl
Egg with Pepperoni

Peynirli Omlet 8 tl
Cheese Omlette

Karışık Omlet 10 tl
Mixed Omlette

Sigara Böreği 7 tl
Pastry Rolls with Cheese

Gözleme 9 tl

Günün Çorbası 7 tl
Soup of the Day

Salatalar - Salads

Smyrna Salatası 15 tl
Smyrna Salad

Çoban Salata 8 tl
Stepherd Salad

Ton Balıklı Salata 15 tl
Tuna Fish Salad

Patates Salatası 8 tl
Potato Salad

Peynirli Salata 9 tl
Cheese Salad

Kaşık Salata 15 tl
Spoon Salad

Ahtapot Salatası 20 tl
Octopus Salad

Karides Salatası 20 tl
Shrimp Salad

Çocuk Menüsü - Kids Menu

1/2 Izgara Köfte+Cips 13 tl
1/2 Grilled Meatballs+Chips

Hamburger+Cips 12 tl

Smyrna Tostu 10 tl
Smyrna Style Toast

Soğuk Mezeler - Antipasti

Süzme Yoğurt 7 tl

Cacık 9 tl

Yoğurtlu Semizotu 6 tl
Purslane with Yoghurt

Beyazpeynir 9 tl
White Cheese

Humus 6 tl

Fava 6 tl
Broad Bean Paste

Acılı Ezme 6 tl
Hot&Spicy Paste

Haydari 6 tl
Yoghurt with Garlic

Ekşili Mantar 6 tl
Sour Mushrooms

Hamsi Salamura 10 tl
Anchoives in Brine

Deniz Börülcesi 6 tl
Sea Beans

Pancar Salamura 6 tl
Beetroot im Brine

Rus Salatası 6 tl
Russian Salad

Şakşuka 6 tl
Fried Veg.

Fasulye Piyaz 6 tl
Bean Salad

Patlıcan Közleme 6 tl
Aubergine Salad

Kırmızı Biber 6 tl
Red Pepper

Ara Sıcaklar - Appetizers

Kalamar Tava 20 tl
Fried Calamary

Karides Tava 20 tl
Fried Shrimps

Karides Güveç 20 tl
Shrimp Casserole

Kalamar Izgara 20 tl
Grilled Calamary

Ahtapot Güveç 20 tl
Octopus Casserole

Patates Tava 7 tl

Mantı 15 tl
Turkish Ravioli

Spagetti 13 tl

İçli Köfte 15 tl

Köy Kızartması 10 tl
Fried Vegetables

Hamsi Tava 15 tl
Fried Anchovy

Patates Kroket 15 tl
Potato Crockett

Tekir Tava 20 tl
Fried Mullet

Avcı Böreği 15 tl
Hunter Pie

Sigara Böreği  7 tl
Pastry Rolls with Cheese

Deniz Ürünleri - Sea Food

Levrek 25 tl
Grilled Sea Bass

Çipura 23 tl
Grilled Sea Bream

Mercan 30 tl

Dil Balığı 30 tl
Sea Sole

Barbun 28 tl
Fried Red Mullet

Mezgit 25 tl

Lağos kg. 110 tl

Turna 55 tl

Yılan Balığı 35 tl
Conger Eel
Et ve Tavuk Yemekleri - Main Dishes (Meat and Chicken)
Izgara Köfte 15 tl
Grilled Meatballs

Kaşarlı Köfte 13 tl
Grilled Meatballs with Cheese

Kuzu Şiş 25 tl
Lamb on Skewer

Çoban Kavurma 20 tl
Shepherds Stir-Fry
(et veya tavuk beef or chicken)

Adana Kebap 15 tl
Adana Kebap

Urfa Kebap 15 tl
Urfa Kebap

Tavuk Şiş 15 tl
Chicken on Skewers

Tavuk Şinitzel 17 tl
Chicken Schnitzel

Tavuk Kanat 15 tl
Chicken Wings

Vejeteryan Güveç 13 tl
Vegeterian Casserole

Karışık Izgara (2 kişilik) 20 tl
Mix Grill (for 2)
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güzelçamlıda balık nerede yenir et restaurant tavuk milli park deniz zeus mağarası kahvaltı uygun fiyatlı leziz mekan sea food fish


Görüşler (5)

Patti Jones

I love their spicy chicken and Cajun rice. The restaurant is always clean and their really happy to see you. I rarely eat fast food but when I do, It has to be Popeye's Chicken. Simply delicious!!

3 yıl önce


Have had great experience here prior. Maybe because we came right at opening. The gentleman opened the door and let us in right away. Food was fresh and hot. Tonight 11.17.18, totally different. Its 9:30p. First and foremost, the chicken under the heat lamp looks like it's been sitting since 12p today. We had to wait 10 minutes to give our order even though we were the only customers in the lobby. Then to be told they were low on tenders but could offer chicken. No thank you. We asked for tenders. Chicken doesnt look fresh and you can't drop tenders? You officially close for the night at 12a. Surely enough time to drop 16 tenders. Highly disappointed.

4 yıl önce

Marc Henry

This was the worst experience I've ever had at a Popeyes restaurant. Even though the restaurant wasn't busy the 8+ employees had a hard time keeping up with the 4 customers and the occasional drive through persons. 1 person ahead of me said he has been waiting 45 minutes for his fish and ended up canceling his order and asking for a refund. There were others including myself that had their order messed up. Another person walked out without part of his order because he didn't want to wait any longer. I love Popeyes but I'll never go back to this location. Chick-fil-a is usually very busy but they get u in and out relatively quickly, this place can't keep up with the orders of 4 people.

4 yıl önce

Jonathan Perez

Chicken was fresh and hot, staff was awesome and very welcoming. Will definitely be coming back for my craving of blackened tenders and my recent discovery of spicy tenders.

3 yıl önce

Annie Byrd-Jordan

Good chicken..good mashed..not so good slaw!

3 yıl önce

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