ORANGE COUNTY RESORT HOTEL Amsterdam'ı Akdeniz' in eşsiz sahilleri ve sıcak atmosferi ile yaşayın...Orange County Resort Otel 16. yüzyıla ait mistik ve eşsiz Hollanda mimarisi ile Amsterdam ve Amsterdam yakınlarındaki Volendam balıkçı köyünden esinlenerek bu tema ile Akdeniz' in Kemer kıyılarına hayallerinizin ötesinde kuruldu. Toros dağlarının muhteşem doğa manzarası ile Akdeniz'in mavilikleri arasında yerleşen Orange County Resort Otel farklı bir yaşam tarzını keşfedecek ve unutulmaz anlar yaşayacaksınız.


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Görüşler (5)

Morteza Amini

Amazing hotel with a really good service. Here you can find a little Amsterdam inside Turkey! In the beginning I was thinking that I am in a little city in center of Europe. Nearby you can find the sea and mountains. I really feel that I am home here. The best atmosphere and feelings, so I advice come here and try it!

5 yıl önce


Best team animation. Good food and beverages nice room service. Will will go there again

5 yıl önce

Kayra Uzun

+ Friendly, helpful staff. + Architecture is reminiscent of European style. + Rooms are sufficiently comfy in terms of spaciousness, AC, TV, bathroom. - First time i experienced the room housekeeper changing the locations of my belongings. An example, my earphones on the table beside my bed were taken to a drawer, i had to search for it. There were many other objects that were moved. - Huge variety of foods, but one of the worst food quality I have ever tasted in a 5-star hotel, mind you I have been to over 20 of them. We as a family literally had to eat outside (suggesting Qualista in Marina) to "enjoy" our meals - hence enjoy our holiday. - During a day, there is always an activity ongoing, but almost all of them are highly noisy with disco-like music. If you want to have a relaxing holiday after months of work, this is not the place. If you are in your late teens and want some place where you can go "wild", this is the place. All the activities are geared towards latter kind of customer with no regard to the former type of customer.

5 yıl önce


Great hotel with the best entertainment you can get!!! Nice rooms and fantastic cuisine! The reason I gave it 4 stars there is no smoking areas outside. People smoke on every corner on each and every table. At times it gets unbearable!!!

5 yıl önce

Anna M

Everything was great at this resort:) food was good, especially breakfast! Cold beverages are available everywhere anytime, hot drinks were available during most hours of the day. The beach was very nice, so many beds to lie down and enjoy the sun, the sea was usually very calm and perfect for a swim! The outdoor pools and the indoor pools looked very well maintained. There was always something fun going on around! Just remember that this resort does not have a laundry/dry cleaning facility onsite so the service is quite expensive. Also, not all the hotel staff are able fo communicate in English.

5 yıl önce

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