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We have created this world as a small island of happiness and serenity where you can hide from daily fuss, forget about rush and dive into atmosphere of tranquility, beauty and harmony with the surrounding world and, first of all, with yourself. We will present this mysterious oasis to all who are fed up of endless stresses and need to recover physical and mental power.

We offer SPA services and SPA programs aimed at physical and mental relaxation, catharsisfrom stresses, rejuvenation and recovery of all systems and functions of a human organism. Modern technologies enable systemized SPA care and treatment of cosmetological skin blemishes. Penetrating through a human body skin integument SPA components activate metabolic processes, promote blood circulation, and evacuate toxins and harmful deposits from a human body, which in turn result in promotion of well-being. After the procedures, the skin becomes unbelievably soft and firm, gains skin tonicity and fills with stamina. SPA-therapy assists overall conditioning and rejuvenation of a human organism, supports spiritual courage, gives strength and energy, and helps to protect beauty and health.

The mission of a KURLAND SPA saloon is represented in creation of maximum healthy and favorable ambient atmosphere. Anyone situated in such a medium receives a huge charge of positive emotions. However, this is just an outward sign that acts to raise the popularity of such institutions among clients. Their foremost effect comes down to re-engaging of a human body’s own defenses and resources that weaken and exhaust in regular pace of a city life much earlier than it should be in accordance with requirements of age-specific physiology.

In our center you will be completely protected from all concerns of our daily life. As to our love and care, you will feel them from the outset. Careful attendance of professional personnel will accompany your service from the very beginning of your visit. Confidentiality and care about your health are very significant criteria for us.


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