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Oyuncak Müzesi 23 Nisan 2005 yılında Sunay Akın tarafından kurulmuştur.
Oyuncak tarihinin en gözde örneklerinin sergilendiği müzedir.
Sunay Akın’ın 20 yılda 40’ı aşkın ülkedeki açık arttırmalardan ve antikacılardan açık arttırmalardan satın aldığı oyuncaklarla kurulmuştur İstanbul Oyuncak Müzesi.
Oyuncak Müzesi daha eğlenceli daha kalıcı öğrenme yöntemi ile ziyaretçilere sunmaktadır.


oyuncak müze eğlence masal kahraman efsaneler çocuk


Görüşler (5)

Deniz Turkmen

If you are old enough you may recognize some of these toys from your childhood. To me, it was more about browsing intricate private collection than nostalgia. I still found couple toys from my childhood. This collection includes toys from all over the world. It has a nice cafe where you can take a break. Prepare to climb some stairs as it does not have an elevator (not wheelchair acessible), but this old historic building adds to the theme.

3 yıl önce

Robert Mark Bram

This toy museum is amazing. I saw toys from the 1850s to the 1960s across multiple different continents; handmade and factory produced. Particular highlights: - the hallway to the toilets looks like a submarine. - a picture of the creator, Sunay Akin, as a young boy with a tin boat that a photographer gave him as a prop, but which the young boy thought was given to him as a souvenir! I can just imagine the conversation with a young boy to convince him to give the toy back! - such well preserved toys from WWII, with a heartbreaking background. Things to be aware of: - the museum is very crowded, tonnes of kids will be there - the place is four or five stories but each level by itself is relatively small: you will spend a long time on each floor though because each display is packed full of little toys that will catch your eye. - this place is NOT wheelchair friendly; there are no lifts and the stairs between each level are tiny, steep and winding without proper handrails.

3 yıl önce

eren kılıç

Such an incredible place to see. Great toy collection from all around the world. Also it’s a nice coincidence with Mr. Akin, the founder of the Istanbul toy museum. He behaves so kind and friendly. You should read his books which contain great stories of the toys and people.

3 yıl önce

Mohammed Khanfar

Museum is nice but small. Those who like toys will enjoy

3 yıl önce

Korhan Dundar

Must visit in Istanbul. Take your kid and spend half a day there you'll be satisfied.

3 yıl önce

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