1950 yılında Mezarlıkbaşı’nda İsmet Yenice tarafından kurulan Çorbacı İsmet Usta, Alsancak’taki şubesinde haftanın yedi günü 24 saat hizmet veriyor. 30 personeliyle aynı anda 230 kişiyi ağırlayabilen mekanda 10 çeşit çorba bulunuyor.

 İbrahim Tatlıses, Nejat Uygur, Kadin İnanır, Sibel Can, Yıldız Kenter gibi birçok ünlü sanatçının İzmir’e geldiklerinde mutlaka uğradığı Çorbacı İsmet Usta’nın en gözde çorbaları ise kestirmeli tandır ve terbiyeli işkembe çorbası. Çorba fiyatları 4.5 YTL ile 6 YTL arasında değişiyor.


ismet usta 360 derece sanal tur corbaci izmir


Görüşler (5)

Martin Ledbury

Stopped here for lunch. Recommend Pide (Turkish pizza). I had one with minced meat. The staff were friendly and helpful. Good place for lunch!

5 yıl önce

Αφροδίτη Θεοχάρη

Better avoid this restaurant! Rude staff. Cocoreç like salty rubber. Soup with no taste. Lamb very oily and hard to bite. When we complained they replied with irony. There are too many good restaurants in Izmir.. So no need to spend your money there.

5 yıl önce

Ali T

Good example of analyzing how to turn 5 star restaurant to 1 star. This is a historic, well established restaurant in the city. It is famous for being open late at night and for their soups and delicatessen such as kokoreç and lamb head/brain. The service can be rated 0. If they notice you in the first ten minutes, you are lucky. If they remember what you order then you are even luckier. They are not attentive and very unprofessional. Restaurant is dirty, tables and dishes are not cleaned properly. Salads have visible dirt on them. Glasses are dirty, mine had a figure of lips from the previous client. The food does not taste as it used to be. It is unfortunate to see my favorite place to end up like this.

5 yıl önce

Huda Sammour

The place is on the main street, it's very large and can accommodate lots of people. They said it's classic. We ordered two plates, one is soup which came in a satisfactory time and tasted good. The other one was chicken dish which we didn't see. It took them forever until we were bored and upset, paid for the soup and left. The place is dirty. They gave my husband a menu with a killed fly stuck to it. We didn't consider it a big deal. But it definitely made us unhappy. Then we noticed the dirty floor and furniture. There were many flys inside the dining hall. The staff aren't tentative as they should be. This place is more expensive than other Turkish ones we tried and which were cleaner and faster.

5 yıl önce

Tanin Ayabakan

Traditional Turkish meat soups here. And also serving kebabs and other casual cuisine

5 yıl önce

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