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andy still

Bad is not an understatement. Food really is that bad, hygiene is not great. Rooms not cleaned, beds made but that's about all. Staff are too young to care and have no idea how to look after guests. On site shop charge 150% over normal price so be advised to walk next door and be given curtious friendly help. Not worth going all inclusive or full board.

5 yıl önce

Rebekka Rekkless

This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. I stayed September 2017. The whole place is run by a bunch of teenagers, the all inclusive is far from all inclusive. All advertised cocktails were "extra", once the bored looking thug behind the bar decided it was too much effort to make them. They seem to dislike the English, I suspect because the English have standards...? Awful food, gave my partner food poisoning, probably a reaction to shellfish, but nothing was labelled or resembled seafood. Same dog meat used for every meal just in different shapes. Loud obnoxious music played poolside 11am-11pm, this is all the entertainment you get! If you've booked this hotel, cancel. Run a mile.

5 yıl önce

Henrika Vaine

I found cheapest hotel to stay with All Inclusive and was really surprised to get an outstanding service of professional staff members, healthy food and really comfortable mattress :) A balcony towards the sea (south-west side of the building) helped me to get some tan with no tan lines ;-) Hotel was just opened, when I arrived. All extra care that I got is so much appreciated. So I'm planing on coming back here next year.

6 yıl önce

Ieva Mumgaudytė

It was amazing holiday. Staff is really friendly and helpful. For the price I have paid I get more then I was thinking :) thank you!

5 yıl önce

Un Kolix

The view is stunning. But the food could be a little different, because almost everyday they give the same meat, just in different shapes.

5 yıl önce

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