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Görüşler (5)

Abdurrahman Mujeeb

not big enough but essential shops are there

9 ay önce

Rula Alf

A wonderful shopping mall! Just loved it's cosy atmosphere and loved shopping there.

1 yıl önce

Hafez Shurrab

The only negative side of this mall is the location that is relatively far from any metro stations. Otherwise, we liked everything about this including the availability of all famous brands and shops. Most of visitors seemed to be local, which means that this is an unusual destination for tourists making the shopping experience much smoother in terms of crowd and prices.

1 yıl önce

Ali Ibad

Good place to shop , eat and spend time

10 ay önce

Gülder Akgöğ

Good old Capacity Shopping Mall has everything you need. Cozy to walk around in winter days. Tip: you won't have to pay for parking if you show receipt of purchase above a certain value.

1 yıl önce

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