İstanbul'un önemli iş ve yerleşim merkezlerinden olan Nişantaşı semtinde 8.420 m2 bir alanda hizmet veren hastanenin toplam kapalı alanı 60.000 m2 olup, bu alanda; dahiliye, cerrahi, tanı ve rehabilitasyon servislerini içeren 38 ihtisas dalı bulunmaktadır. Hastanede bulunan 355 uzman doktor ve onlara destek hizmeti sağlayan 1128 sağlık ve destek personeli ile günde 24 saat hizmet sunulmaktadır. Hastaların konforlu bir sağlık hizmeti alması için odaların tümünde; güvenlik denetim, hemşire çağrı ve bilgisayar erişim sistemleri ile elektrikli kumandalı yataklar, televizyon, buzdolabı ve değerli eşyaların saklanması için kasa yer almaktadır. Ayrıca hastaların kişisel ve günlük ihtiyaçları da karşılanmaktadır.


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Görüşler (5)

Shakif Shakur

Excellent facilities for anyone who might be traveling from abroad. English doctors are available and they were able to ensure a female doctor for my wife. Though expensive, the service is very efficient.

5 yıl önce

Hisham Eagle

Comparing to all hospitals in Turkey this one is the best . Caring professional and expert Doctors and profs . Team working . They speak English. Respectful staff. Just the patients Food needs to be improve .

5 yıl önce

Pmpbuh Pmpbuh

Dear None Turkish visitors kindly ensure a reservation for a translator along with the medical examination's reservation before showing up at the counter. The doctors and environment are very patient friendly and you will get exactly what you paid for. Thank you

5 yıl önce

Lisa Klein

I went 3 times there. The staff is to the majority very friendly and the doctors I visited are great and very professional. Especially my Gynecologist was able to detect something which two previous doctors (Germany and Turkey) did not find or didn't care enough to find. The equipment is so far also very good. But it's very expensive and overpriced. They charge foreigners 3 times more and only accept insurances which with they have contracts. My insurance offered a payment security and send my information, still didn't accept it. They rather expect their patients to pay surgeries out of their own pocket. My favorite quote so far "If you cannot pay. Than leave my hospital".

5 yıl önce

Catherine Couling

I had to go and see about a suspected blood clot in my leg. I cannot speak more highly of the hospital staff and dr murat aksoy that i saw. Professional friendly accommodating and so helpful made an emergency appointment at 10.00am saw the Dr at 1.30pm, consultation, blood test, ultrasound and results all witin 3 hours Nothing was a bother. If you need to see a doctor or go to the hospital this is the one i cant recommend it highly enough.

5 yıl önce

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