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Dávid Kockás

The prices are already higher than the averages and they add an extra "serving fee" of 10% which is not mentioned anywhere in the menu. The food is not bad, however I would advise to choose a real traditional small family restaurant, where the serving is also nice.

4 yıl önce

Ebrahim Asmal

Spacious inside and outside and on its terrace. Wonderful service and great food especially the katmer dessert....what a great atmosphere with patrons singing and others celebrating whatever their moment..just a beatific setting across the HagiaSofya.

4 yıl önce

Abdus Ozgok

Nice atmosphere, didn’t really have there food just mainly went to have there shisha and was really happy with it.

4 yıl önce

Riad Mikati

So comfortable and lovely! We stayed at Art City Hotel following a really horrible experience at Diva's Hotel across the road, and we were so thankful and happy after Mahir helped us out!  He managed to organise us a lovely room for 5 nights, and made sure everything was in order for us following what had happened. Our room was perfectly-kept, clean, and, warm (given that it was snowing outside!).  Mahir speaks incredible English, and apart from recommending good things to us, just refreshed our stay with some wonderful conversation. We were so happy with our stay and with the amazing service from Art City Hotel

4 yıl önce

Lama Wehbe

Oh this restaurant is so cozy, they have floor seating sofas where you can enjoy your food and shisha in arabesque style like desert style. They also have normal tables with chairs. We had desert and drinks and shisha. We had a great time there, great service and friendly staff. They played some songs that we asked for. Whenever you visit the Sultan Ahmet old city you should stop by this restaurant. Here's a photo of a desert that i tried, it's a Kunefe in baklava pastry; i forgot it's name but i would never forget it's yummy taste. You should give it a try.

4 yıl önce

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