64 bin metrekare üzerine kurulu yapı, toplam 358 bin metrekare kapalı alana sahip. Avrupa’nın en büyük, dünyanın ikinci büyük alışveriş merkezi. Bazı markaların en büyük mağazaları Cevahir’in içinde bulunuyor. 2 bin 500 metrekarelik dev cam çatısında dünyanın en büyük saati var. 280 mağaza, 34 fast food alanı, 14 adet restoran, 2 bin 500 kişilik sinema kompleksi, biri tiyatro olmak üzere 12 salonu bulunuyor. Yürüyen merdiven sayısı 86 olan merkezde, ayrıca 11 bin metrekare büyüklüğünde bir eğlence merkezi de yer alıyor.



Görüşler (5)

Nik Nikki

Not too cheap but not too expensive either. Sometimes they have sale and it is affordable. Easily excess by tram and there is a direct exit underground from the train to this mall. You can find many shoes which is from Turkey brands. Or other famous brands too. Leather, canvas or pvc and many others. Food court and restaurants are abundant. They even have Chinese food restaurant inside.

5 yıl önce

alexander tinashe

The first thing one should see when coming in Istanbul. Its simply heaven on earth. The wide space in between the departmental shops. The clock that has been put in the roof of the mall as an essence of showing time. The forever changing decorations according to whichever festive season. The life outside the mall. Skaters and BMX riders performing outside the escarpment. It's simply the best way to discover the heart elements of the city Istanbul. Food courts are the last two floors while clothes are in between. House essentials like kitchen ware and garden machines are located at the last floor.

5 yıl önce

Eli Bensusan

Giant mall with many stores. You can definitely find most of the major brands within a variety of a price range. Clothing, technology, home accessories... Has a small amusement park with a surprising quality for such a place. Good movie theater too. The only con could be it is too big.

5 yıl önce

Ms. Melissa Balan

Great shopping mall. All the usual big name stores. Easy access via the underground metro system. Excellent food choices as well.

5 yıl önce

aykut ayan

very old shopping mall. design is not good. shops are not easy to find. many brands you can see. There is last floor you can find good foods also.

5 yıl önce

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